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Our Exeter Escape Rooms

All Players should aim to arrive 10 minutes before their start time. You must contact us should you have any special requirements. Mobile phones and cameras must not be taken out at any point of the game – if this happens your game will be stopped.
We will contact you should we need to cancel your game for any reason. We cannot be held responsible for any costs other than that of the booking with us.
You must listen to all rules before your game. If any rules are broken your game will be immediately stopped and no refund will be given.
Don’t be late! Please arrive on time for your booking. Arriving late will affect the amount of time in your game. If you arrive more than 15 minutes late, your game will be cancelled with no refund.
Children 13 and under MUST have an adult in the room with them.

Do not arrive under any influence from drugs or alcohol – you will not be allowed to participate in your game and you will not be refunded.
Payment must be taken at the time of the booking via our payment processor PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account to make a booking.
You will receive a booking confirmation and a separate payment receipt. Please bring both of these with you on the day of your booking.
Bookings can be made up to 24 hours in advance. However if you wish to book for the same day please telephone to check availability.
Please read our full terms and conditions before booking.

ROOM 1 – Maioc Crisis

The year is 2067 and the world is dying. Back in the 1960s Professor Hillard Kaplan developed a serum for people to never age using the Maioc plant. The serum has run out! People are dying young. You need to go back in time and get the only serum in existence in order to save the world.

Difficulty: 5/5

ROOM 2 – Virtual reality Escape rooms

This is no normal Virtual Reality experience. Once you are in the virtual world you can high five your team mates, you have to pass objects to each other and each team member has to complete a task before moving on. Help each other to escape the space station, although if one of you is to slow you could get left to die in space in “Cosmos”, or help each other survive the evil killer in “Mind Horror.

Difficulty: 4/5

ROOM 3 – Pharaoh’s Anger

Make your way through the tomb of the Kings… be careful not to disturb the dead. Align the Celestial bodies to release you from the Pharaoh’s wrath or be entombed forever.
This is a 4 person game.

Difficulty: 4.5/5

ROOM 4 – Chernobyl

The reactor is overheating and going into meltdown. We sent in our best engineer but his mission failed. You have to enter the power plant start the water pumps, make your way to the reactor room and remove the fuel rod to shut the reactor down. You must not fail.